May 5th 2014. A day that marked the following 3 years of my life in a way that I never expected.
May 5th 2014 was the day when Elite Motors OC open its doors for the first time.
When I started Elite Motors OC I didn’t realized what a ride this jurney would be. We’ve been through ups and downs, late nights, early mornings, working long hours and at times for a month or more straight.
Driving hundreds of miles to customer’s homes to repair their cars, but if I had to choose, I would do it again in a hearth beat.
Through out this process, I was blessed to meet many special people, in which I created close friendships with, that will last a lifetime.
I would like to send many “thank you” to all of our customer for entrusting Elite Motors OC to take care of their cars. We could not be where we are right now without you and your support.


Alex Pop
Elite Motors OC

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