2015-06-26 10.11.02Hello all, Quick next update on the Baseline 530 (BL530) timing. The bad news first, we’ve hit a roadblock in the management of the 12v battery by the HV battery. This is one of the important features of BL530 (we finally get rid of the battery tender process for the 12v battery), and we have decided to delay the roll out of BL530 to make sure we get it ‘in’ this upgrade. We expect to receive new validated software from an external supplier mid October that would resolve this, but we need at least 4 to 6 weeks to fully validate the software to make sure we don’t roll out anything half baked into the Karma population. In about a month we will post the final content of BL530 so everyone can see what to expect.
The new market roll out timing however brings it very close to the end of the CSP program (01/31/16). To make sure we don’t disadvantage any owners due to unavailability of CSP providers (CSP providers are going to be slammed by all the ‘last minute’ work everyone wants to do before the end of the CSP program), we will invite everyone to book their specific service requests before 01/31/2016 while still honoring CSP claims even if the vehicle is not in the shop before that date. For those owners out of CSP funds, we will find individual solutions to make sure your vehicle receives the upgrade. The CSP provider will contact us automatically to discuss these cases.


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