At work just going through my day as any other day. UPS stops by. Hm… not expecting a package. Driver hands me a package. I open it and find inside a beautiful personalized card and a hand crafted wooden box. I open it and surprisingly one of my favorite sweets. Brownies. How did you know […]

May 5th 2014. A day that marked the following 3 years of my life in a way that I never expected. May 5th 2014 was the day when Elite Motors OC open its doors for the first time. When I started Elite Motors OC I didn’t realized what a ride this jurney would be. We’ve […]

When rubber, oil and heat meet time, the result is usually a oil leak. BMW E90, leaking gasket between oil filter housing and engine.

Fisker Karma engine carbon deposits after 26000 miles. It’s not looking good. Way too much deposits for 26,000 miles. Intake flush cleaner should be done periodically on this cars, and all direct injection cars.